Artist’s Statement

Marguerite Takvorian-Holmes is an expressionist painter, borne out of the Classical tradition. While not identifying as a ‘landscape artist’, nature is often the subject of her work. She studied the techniques of the old masters with Frank Mason at the Art Student League, and later, through work with Richard Poussette-Dart undertook the journey toward an inner vision and language through Abstract Expressionism. Today, in upstate New York, and in rural France, classical training and contemporary thoughts come together eloquently in large-scale work which captures the beauty of her natural surroundings, unencumbered by convention and tradition.

“i am compelled by the feeling that occurs in me as I am struck by Nature during my walks.

“En plein air”, my field studies are faithful to the beauty that surrounds me. These sketches are the notes i use for my paintings. However, It is in the studio that improvisation takes a central role, defining a visual concept which better renders the impression I received in nature. I often find myself simplifying and abandoning details that encumber the directness of the experience, instead working toward distilling that directness to its essence. I am enamoured with ‘the accident’ – the steps taken to create the work. I do not erase, but rather steer myself toward the ‘mistake’. The surprises which arise create a physical language of motion on the surface of the canvas which invoke and reveal my sensations with the process.”